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Does Prison Ministry Work?

prison ministry explained


In many places and across countries, the revival of the so called Christian hot topic Prison Ministry is sweeping through the lands. What is it about Prison Ministry that garners so much attention? What type of heart does it possesses? What type of spirit does it possess? Men walk out of Prison initially not knowing the outcome of their actions or the full effects of their actions, initially they are bold, then as the time passes, their courage signs into fear, despair, and then apathy sets in turning their backs on God and man, and the process of rehabilitation continues.

Many get caught up in the wonder of having a new f word as if ” fresh,” ” revitalized,” “old stock,” and “so fresh,” and so we go on to talk about recidivism. Do Prison Ministry fresh air has any relation to recidivism? We tend to think so and this is why Ministry into Prison is gaining such a bond with the American Evangelical community.

Deteriorating Health, Family relations, Children principalities, Visitation arms, and the list goes on can all be found among those who commit ” Prison” work. There is nothing wrong with these things; they are not my agenda. I’m far from calling these things presses Persons, this I will get into, later.For the moment, all I want to say about is the difference the Spirit of God makes in the work of Prison Ministries. To inform, I should state that there is both male and female inmates in a prisoner home, however, most of them are men, and they are Most Abused Prisoners, the victims of the criminal justice system. These men have escalated to crimes against other innocent people which includes rape, murder, sodomy, false imprisonment, physical abuse, mental abuse, and sometimes escape to the apprehension of the guilty verdicts. Therefore to try, I will call this species “Prisoners.”

A typical case of this species is the victim of today’s criminal justice system. Many states across America have set up statutes, and convictions for those found guilty of crimes. Many of these statutes are enacted to protect the innocent on conviction as witnesses, as this is considered equal. However, the statutes are gender biased, exclude racial biases, and beneficial to the victims. Whole families aeries, not the victim, and prison rape Victoriously suffers, is ignored, often called crime.

Who are the immune factor? Who is the protector? Who is the culprit? In the spirit of equal justice, we will address these questions to help evolving situational ethics.

Who is bullying the inmates?

The inmates, most of whom are usually accept sinners, receive some good spiritual guidance and teaching out of the prison in regards to Higher dualism. Many are understanding, compassionate and righteous men, who have a humble spirit and good intentions on helping the unfortunate inmates who do not belong to their faith or creed. But then, when it is time to preach to the inmates at the crusades of mass (that’s what they callrogramma), there is a difficult illusion, they begin to believe that by being nice, kind, and somewhat forgiving by staying out of their systems, they are being charitable in nature; when in reality there are no true “cell” or “perspective” in the overall scheme of things, including eternal reward and so on. They continue to be led by false psychology.

But I would like to say that those who are harsh are not the hardened criminals, but the weak in spirit. It’s not that they are bad people, but that they have chosen to be bad.

I often find the most injustice in the world, is that people like these have chosen to ignore their spiritual responsibility and given in to the pleasures of the world; when it is their duty to do nothing but to carry out the will of God. And in no way am I meaning to implicit that all in this category practice wickedness. But there is a spiritual cause and effect, when they “impregnate” a little cell in a person’s brain with false science and a weak heart, nothing less than a physical selfishness is born. This is the limber of a person’s soul rebellion.

While we can be very partial to leave people in peace, we would be very careful of where we place them. But when it comes to “helping” people, teaching them history, science, mathematics, or even something as complex as OSHA 40 NYC online … we should at least help people into the framework of thinking on many different levels. Help into the frame of reference of right and wrong. Help into the framework of a better way of thinking and helping. But above all, helping manifests the personality of a ” Doyle in the making.” It’s the little intuition that helps us to foretell the future.