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My Faith Strategy – Where Do I Begin?

a good Faith Strategy


Every day we face several decision points in our lives. Some are hard decisions, others are not as difficult, but they do send a message. Decisions we are facing right now that will determine a outcome within our profession, our family, or our community.

If we don’t have the right foundation of knowledge about a subject, we will find it difficult to make sound decisions. Whether it is a decision for a career, a hobby, a business, or a relationship, knowledge is the foundation of what we choose to investigate. When we don’t have the right foundation, the decisions we make will be flawed and rely on our limited understanding. As a result, flawed decisions will produce flawed results.

I don’t know what career you are considering. I do know that one mistake we can make is to jump into a career that is not aligned with our Bramble of Career Knowledge. We need to find out what our position, contribution area, or skill-set is as it relates to the field of study in which you hope to be employed such as my friend who owns crane rental companies in Michigan. It is essential to understand the professional standards, code of conduct and guidelines, and ethics as it pertains to your position.

If you have not established connections with relevant educational institutions, find out about them. Obtain information about related organizations, professional organizations, or other relevant associations. Unless you have a strong background in the field of your prospective career, it is essential to stay in touch with current issues and learn about current opportunities and related studies.

I once attends a college where they required for entrance into the program a certain number of courses even though the requirements for the program were found to be so vague that one could fill in the name of the requirement and be accepted. No doubt, you have been exposed to similar situations even though you consciously decided to avoid these classes. If for some reason you were unable to satisfy the requirements for a particular course, you could be excused but it would be of little use to you.

Even if the requirements for the courses you are accepted to attend are clear and non-conflicting, we unconsciously fill in the gaps. The requirements for particular fields are vague and often difficult to decipher and comprehend. For example, Psychology is a field that expects a lot from an individual. The courses that are required to obtain professional degree are often consecutive years and it is likely that part of your psychological study will involve some time away from work. These courses will often test and assess your moral and ethical standing within a particular organization or other venue, and this is a skill you will need to develop. Even though requirements are clearly stated, you will be prepared to meet them when you attend the right courses and the right workshops.

The absolute ethical standard of the professional is the Watched Through by My Faithfulness, 1 John 4:7

The only path to contented living is the path my faithful servant and beloved Jesus Christ.

“My loved ones, let us have so much joy and peace in the day of affliction, that while trouble comes your way, you may have the joy of the day of salvation.”

The job of the professional is to create access to, and quality of life for their clients. The client is the target of the professional’s skills and knowledge. Human capital is the most important decision point to make. Professional’s work to understand people and situations, not to simply provide solutions to illnesses and injuries. While there are some instances when the client may make the professional’s life easier, there are also times when the clientmailartitioner becomes the professional’s wealth. Awareness is creation and the most important decision point will always be with the person themselves.

Professional’s Success starts with Decision guarded with Faith

“The greatest of your worries is the same as my greatest joy. That you might be weighed down by the reverse of all burdens you take away no weight from your own life but that of the cross.”

Life is measured from your perspective, it’s not measured by street figures, dollar bills or by what other people think of you. The values of others are measured by your standards. If you find out that your sister or brother is struggling with a certain practice or may even be in the doctor’s office with a blocked tooth, it is important for you to acknowledge it to yourself. There is no reason to feel guilty or ashamed because they do this. By not acknowledging it to yourself, you release a negative energy in the form of self-doubt. Once you recognize it, you will begin to become aware of it in your relationship with your sister or brother and most likely they will take notice. And while one day you may be large enough to give them a step to the door to help out, you still have time to teach them about commitment. So in a matter of time, they will be Happily approving your words or performance.