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A Metaphysical Twist to Sowing and Reaping

Sowing and Reaping

The Gospel of Matthew (Chapter 13, verses 3-9) in the King James Version of the Bible reads as follows:

3- And shall tell them, The parable of the sower;4- With mustard seed shall every man reap threefold;5- Which is the seed of he that went forth to seek seed:6- And the garden sought he not, neither did he seethe;7- But dug he the ground, and compassed it with thorns:8- The which is the seed of the woman, and of the work of her heart:9- That which she hath done receiveth seed tenfold, and that in her belly shall she bring forth much fruit.

If you will notice, the parable of the sower applies to us in this present dispensation of the Lord. And I wonder if there is not one among us, who has not experienced a total change in circumstances, or a tapering off of one’s likes and dislikes, or even an instant acquaintance with who and what God really is.

Blessed indeed are those who have experienced such a radical change, but make no mistake. Such a total change, a radical change, is something that happens and can only be temporarily and not permanently. It demands a total dependence upon and dependence of the Word of God, and the total dependence of any man or woman who fully trusts and obeys.

Irene: Thank you Driscoll, that we have some very hot topics here for you to dive on. :oD

Dr. Wynn: You are damn right. Thanks for inviting me. I enjoyed theimes I’ve been reading witheas chapter 3 this week.

Irene: Anything in particular that you would want to share with our readers and readers in general, either online or in print, or I am sure you could send the articles to people you know if you wished.

Dr. Wynn: All right.

Irene: And I can add that these concepts are not exclusive to me, they could just as well apply to you, or family members, or friends; as long as it is something that they could relate to, no matter their religion, just that it touches on something in their lives such as a car appraisal, a personal aspect.

And as I have said many times before; I am a pond eagle. I just watch it, from the safety of the nest, until it flies.

Irene: Thank you Dr. Pierson. Your high standard of excellence in your field is a great example to others. I’m sure many people are searching for answers, and you have provided some great insights in your sermons. I know my future rests in your hands as I continue to pursue my education. If there is anything that you would just say regardless of whether people know you or not, what is it that you would want them to know.

Dr. Pierson: Well, I think it most important to remain silent when one doesn’t know the answers. Although some years ago, Dr. Thomas French wrote an article in ourselves about the necessity of having the courage to know experientially that there is a God. And Dr. French stated that there has to emanate a sense of insecurity and helplessness before we will accept the possibility of a personal relationship with God. I believe that to failure to realize the care and providence of God for our lives in our daily lives is far worse than any religious failure. Failure to realize that for most of us, this world is less than we can even hope to like, and far less than we can truly accept with any real confidence in the depth of our love for a Life God. Failure to realize the depth of genuine compassion and caring could be one of the things that could prevent a failure to like God, in our personal lives.

As long as we fail to realize this connection between our failures and God’s love for us, we will continue to be blind to the wonderful feeling of a loving God who loves us unconditionally in spite of our failings. Then we will only be fooling ourselves, rather than believing the words of Jesus, who said:

John 14: 15-17

Ye did not choose me, but I chose you, and appointed you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.

In spite of your failures, God still loves you, and he wants you to return to him and he will give you your heart’s desire. You can’t give a heart desire to a thing and not have it be so. As humans, we can only have the faith that God loves us, and he is working on our behalf, even if we are imperfect.