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The Best Churches in Palm Beach, FL

The Best Churches in Palm Beach, FL


Compared to other countries worldwide there are far more churches per head than in most other countries around the world. Palm Beach offers many options when it comes to churches.  Most of them will have services in English, but many will have some services in Spanish and there are even churches that offer worship in Korean and Tagalog (The language of the Philippines).

In our selection of the best churches in Palm Beach we have included a variety of types of church ranging from a Gothic Church reminiscent of the great European churches, to more modern churches that have a whole new approach to worship.

The Orthodox Zion Primitive Baptist Church

The Orthodox Zion Primitive Baptist has a mission to reach out to the “unchurched communities” in Palm Beach. The aim of the church is to be “culturally relevant.”


The church believes in five tasks that the church was set up to accomplish:

  • Service – Service is for everyone by everyone
  • Worship – The first purpose of the church is to worship God and should be continuous (done in private and public)
  • Outreach – The church believes it is its duty to share the good news
  • Relationships – Helping people feel they belong to the church, not just to believe
  • Discipleship – To assist people on a journey if growth, in both knowledge and grace.


The historic roots of the Orthodox Zion Primitive Baptist Church go back to 1963 when Elder William Arnold organized the church which broke away from Mt. Zion Primitive Baptist Church. They moved to a temporary location but later purchased the building where they had previously met as members of the Mt. Zion Primitive Baptist Church. Over the years, church membership grew until they outgrew the old church premises. On March 26, 1995 the church relocated to a 4.8 acre site at 2900 N. Australian Ave. in West Palm Beach.

In August 1997 the church opened its Orthodox Zion Child Development Center with just six children. Today that center caters for 89 children. In 2004 the extension continued with the development of

  • Dining Room
  • Bathrooms
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Classrooms

Contact Information

2900 N Australian Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33407

First Baptist Church Of West Palm Beach (Family Church)

Family Church is one church in many neighborhoods, The church aims to be a location where the public can feel at home. The church is multigenerational, multicultural, and operates in multisite. The church welcomes people whether they are single, married, divorced, young or elderly. When the church was formed, there was still less than 1,000 people living in the city.


The church is actively training pastors and planting churches all over South Florida. Every week they hold multiple meetings in all parts of the city to introduce people to the church family. Adults, students and children all come together for a little singing, Bible teaching, and taking the lord’s supper. They hope to make these meetings fun. The following locations:

  • 4901 PGA Blvd, Palm Beach Gardens 33418
  • 18477 Loxahatchee River Rd, Jupiter 33458
  • 13475 W Indiantown Rd, Jupiter Farms 33478
  • 1950 NW Federal Hwy, Stuart 34994
  • 115 NE Solida Dr, Port St. Lucie 34983
  • 1101 S Flagler Dr, West Palm Beach 33401
  • 3600 Village Blvd, West Palm Beach 33407
  • 8401 Belvedere Rd, West Palm Beach 33411
  • 8657 Lantana Rd, Lake Worth 33467


The church was founded as the First Baptist Church of West Palm Beach in 1901. They started by meeting in a home, then a temporary building, and then in 1965 they built the current downtown premises. They operate as a multi-site church and have planted campuses across the area (see above).

Contact Information

1101 S. Flagler Dr.

West Palm Beach, FL 33401

First Presbyterian Church

The first Presbyterian Church in North Palm Beach aims to make you feel welcome even before you visit the church.. Everybody is welcome to wear what they feel comfortable in, whether that be a suit or a pair of jeans. The church goes out of its way to present itself as a warm group of people dedicated to following Christ.

Their core values are:

  • Rooted in the Bible
  • Caring deeply about one another
  • Serving together
  • Developing leaders
  • Missionary Focused


Some 17% of the church budget goes on missionary work. The church supports three kinds of missions: Local Missions, Global Missions, and Church Planting/Growth.


  • Adults (60+)
  • Children
  • Congregational care
  • Fellowship
  • Memorial Services
  • Men
  • Missions
  • Music
  • Prayer
  • Preschool
  • Students
  • Woman


The church was founded by Reverend Joseph P. Calhoun, D.D. on February 22, 1922. It was a congregation of the Presbyterian Church USA. two years later there was a split with 15 members opting to join the Presbyterian Church US (Southern Chapter). They later became the Memorial Presbyterian Church. The First Presbyterian Church continued and met at the Women’s Club, until 1925 when the new church was completed. In 1928n a storm demolished the new church and important documents were lost. Over the next 12 months membership dropped from 402 members down to 275. Over the years to follow the church helped to plant new churches and gradually added to its buildings and facilities. In 2009 the church entered into an agreement with the Korean Presbyterian Church to share buildings.

Contact information

717 Prosperity Farms Rd.

North Palm Beach, FL 33408

Our Lady Queen of the Apostles Parish

Since then parish was established back in 1988 the church has grown quite a bit, and in December 2009 they opened a brand new church. The church now has 2000 registered families and more than 50 ministries. the church also has over 200 students in its religious education programs.

The Adoration Chapel is open every day and has a comprehensive music program which includes several choirs. The church also features a weekly Spanish Mass and a Tagalog (Filipino) one every month.


The church has developed a large number of ministries in an effort to expand community involvement:

  1. Adoration: Paul and Yverose Jean-Mary (561) 790-4768
  2. Altar Linens: Gina Figurella (561) 793-4957
  3. Altar Server: Kerry Gornick (561) 317-8854
  4. Altar Vessels: Evelyn Barry (561) 798-9132
  5. Building & Grounds: Rick Busch (561) 798-5661 ext 101
  6. Church Mice: Isabel Lawton (561) 385-9889
  7. Coffee & Donuts: Parish office (561) 798-5661/
  8. Columbiettes: Mary DelVecchio (561) 792-3404
  9. Contemporary Music: Steve and Janet Davis (561) 798-5661
  10. Council of Catholic Women: Ann Behar 561-603-2426 /
  11. Couples for Christ: Emmanuel Zaide 561-358-8137 /
  12. Divine Mercy: Jenine Oliveri (561) 753-7565
  13. Education & Tuition Committee: Teri Stocking (561) 282-7334
  14. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: Deacon Bob Laquerre (561) 798-5661
  15. Family Life Ministry: Belen Andrews 618-531-3415 /
  16. Festival: Marianne Duemig (561) 790-5468
  17. Finance Council: Jim Duemig (561) 798-5661 ext 112/
  18. Garden Ministry: Sandy Popp (561) 951-2169
  19. Homebound Eucharistic Minister: Rhonda Busch (561) 795-3205
  20. Hospital Ministry: Deacon Bob Laquerre (561) 798-5661
  21. Knights of Columbus: Gerald Donoghue
  22. Lector: Thomas Marino 561-798-5661, ext. 110/
  23. Liturgy Committee: Fr. Andy Rudnicki (561) 798-5661
  24. Mass Secretary: Teri Stocking (561) 282-7334
  25. Ministry of Consolation: Irene Anderson (561) 798-5661 – call Parish Office
  26. Multimedia Ministry: Marianne Duemig (561) 790-5468
  27. Music Ministry: Thomas Marino (561) 798-5661 ext 110 /
  28. Our Lady Queens of Talent: Angela DiLeonardo (561) 791-2914
  29. Parish Office Support Team: Chris Winters (561) 798-5661 ext. 103/
  30. Photography: Paule Jean-Mary 561-762-8729
  31. Religious Education: Dr. Christina Danko (561) 798-5661 ext 109/
  32. Respect Life: Parish office (561) 798-5661
  33. Rite of Christian Initiation – RCIA: Dr. Christina Danko 561-798-5661, ext. 109/
  34. Rosary Makers: Yverose Jean-Mary (561) 790-4768
  35. Sacristans: Butch Figurella (561) 793-4957
  36. Skilled Trade Committee: Rick Busch (561) 798-5661 ext 101
  37. Spanish Ministry: Enrique Sobrino or Alsacia Sakellis (561) 252-0003 or 561-792-7476
  38. St. Vincent de Paul Cookie: Dykes (561) 333-4664
  39. Usher: Tom Schmidt (561) 798-8354
  40. Youth Group: Chris Winters (561) 798-5661, ext. 103 /


Following the foundation of the church in 1988, the first pastor began holding Sunday Mass at the Lions Club in Royal Palm Beach, and the search for a building began. They eventually found a site on Crestwood Boulevard that they purchased. In 1993 they started construction of a 3,600 square feet pavilion for outdoor services. Then in 1994 they major building for services, offices, and Parish activities. Following the arrival of several priests to assist, new buildings and activities were added. In 2006 they unveiled the drawings for an exciting new Parish Church and building that started in 2008.

The Church continues to grow and expand its embrace on the community.

Contact Details

Our Lady Queen of the Apostles Parish

100 Crestwood Boulevard South

Royal Palm Beach, Florida 33411 USA

Main: 561-798-5661

Fax: 561-798-5663

Believers Victory Church

The Victory church is a nice place to go, the people are welcoming, and the music is awesome. The church is really marketed to a younger generation but has quite a few older attendees as well. The preacher has a great way with words and it is a fun place to attend. People who are just a little curious about Jesus will not be intimidated and those who are regular worshipers can relax. People of all ages and walks of life attend this church. Visitors are very welcome at the services. The core values of the church are:

  • Faith
  • Growing up in your relationship with God
  • Service
  • Relationship
  • Honor


The BVC (Believers Victory Church) has a strong Children’s Ministry that is fun and exciting for all age groups.

Bloom Women’s Group Fun, food, and friends

Impact Men’s Group is the place where the men of the BVC come to meet.

Elevate Youth group is a place where the potential of youth is matured

The 412 Young Adult Ministry is all about being young and unashamed of who God has created you to be.


The church was founded by Pastor Mark DeBehnke in 1987. At the beginning the church struggled, meeting in classes being held at Haverhill Town Hall, then inside a bus. Finally in 2002 a church building was purchased In 2004 Pastor Mark passed away and his sister Peggy followed him as leader of the church. Today Peggy and her husband Scott now lead the Believers’ Victory Church.

The Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea

The Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea is a mixed community which includes people from a wide range of walks of life. People who love Jesus and enjoy following him. Every Sunday the church gathers to hear the sacred stories that tell us of God’s love. The community also gathers to take part in communion before we act, and make God’s love a reality in our lives.  I like this church because our Accountant in Palm Beach attends it.


The Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea operates a store named “The Church Mouse” which is one of the premier donation based resale shops in the country. The income from this store is used to fund the outreach projects of the church. The stock turns around quickly and there is always something you have not seen before. The Church Mouse is one of the busiest shops in Palm Beach.


Back in 1889 four people gathered on the shore of Lake Worth to establish an Episcopal Mission, which grew into the The Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea. They built the first church out of driftwood and old packing cases and opened in 1889 and had a capacity of 100 people. Later the church built a larger building alongside the Intracoastal Waterway. In 1925 they built the current building used today. the 1925 building was the first Protestant church in southeast Florida. The church was built in a Gothic style of architecture. It is a contrast to the modernity of the area.

The church has cloisters made up of beautiful archways, and wonderful stained glass windows. Outside there is a quiet garden where visitors can reflect. Strangely enough, the architect also decided to include Gargoyles in the construction of the church, something not normally seen in Florida.

The grounds are really well maintained and the garden and courtyard both offer a wonderful retreat where one can meditate.

Contact Information

The Church of Bethesda-By-The Sea

141 South County Rd

Palm Beach, FL 33480