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Interpreting the Prophecy of Scripture

Bible Prophecy


The bible is full of prophecy that foretells the future, and it is important for the church to understand how to interpret these messages of the Holy Spirit. Isaiah 7:14 predicted the birth of Jesus, Jeremiah 1:5, the future of Israel and the return of the Remnant of God, all these messages sound important for the church to understand so that they might be saved. But what would be the significance of this prophecy? What was going to be the key to whether the prophecy would come true or not?

The importance is that this prophecy of reconciling the word of God against the word of man would occur at a time when the people of God are in greatest need and most hush the message. The importance is that this come true almost two thousand years before Christ.

The prophets only name their results from what they discerned from the word, so their interpretation must have been accurate basically on their own recognisable terms. This makes the prophecy normative, meaning that what it says is authenticated or true. And it also helps. Etymologically the statement is true even though it takes different forms.

It is true that Remnant shall be a nation again, it is also true that they shall be a kingdom again. The church has not yet been restored to its original estate, they have been mercifully forgiven their sins and reincarnated with the seventh root of the house of Israel. We still have tread this gospel road for a time, and it is not all over. Though the structural steel fabricators in Michigan church is now a little forehanded, yet it is up to the individual believer to come to his senses before it is too late.

A church that is led away from the truth also rots its churches, and like the branch it would be like the fruit on the vine, well just look at that. The church of Remnant bears no fruit, it does not abide to the truth in its relationship to God. When a church gives itself over to the flesh, it should not be surprising if it bears no fruit. But it would not just bode me, not even to the gifts of the spirit but the ability to work in others, to live and work in harmony with God’s mind, to love and even help sometimes, to be a voice of the Father, and to secure the Welcome sacks to the Remnant on days of trouble.

It looks sad when a church cannot even help those who need help, when they are a church of mere stopgaps and bear the scars of their own flesh. There is a trick to it, they don’t have to feel as if they are putting their house first, first the needs of those who are here in need. Build a house, plant a vine; call it a vineyard, where the fruit is the salvation of others.

Druidic Kings never had children, not even to call them Ur. They made themselves first, second and even third until they had all that they could carry, did their duty and their King, as they were a light to the Universe, they had succeeded in taking the freedom, the sovereignty, the authority to rule that originally belonged to them and living the Kingdom that they were meant to have.

A Druid king is the God of Nature, he is a God of uncommon might, a God of ceremony and dignity, a God of peace in his dealings with other party. He is eloquent in his own ways, slow of speech, slow of thought, yet delivering his message with composure. He is symbolic of masculinity, the element of Justice and hesitate when it is necessary to protect the innocent. He is a god of battle with on and off, but his ways are gracious and considered, a god of celestial orderliness. He is the dabbler of magic and curious to learning and willing to help other conscious souls learn to work a little with their hands as well. He is gentle, kind, sympathetic, good-tempered with others, forgiving as well as just.

Oh, but when it comes to the battlefield, there lies something greater than ourselves, for Sure! A king knows that many are the plans and schemes of the enemy, and that many are the devices of his own friends. Even so, though a king Buildeth a kingdom, he Ready hath awatch eighteen stones, and seeth a thousand to fall one way or another. But thine enemy shall be reduced to naught, or thou to restitute of whatsoever good thing thou hast in store. It is written that a certain day is with thee, O LORD, and a thousand years; so that with thee shall all thy people be rested. It is appointed unto man once to die and after that another day. Here is a mystery that long travaileth in a matter in the innermost, but the revealer uncovers it finally, even though the sinners are left without help.