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How to Deal With Insecurities

deal with insecurities


Coerced joy is as disappointing as an all-you-can-eat buffet. At a buffet, you must purchase a card for each dish, but there is a unlimited supply at a buffet. You could eat all you want for the one served, but happily, most won’t bother taking it. You may feel self-conscious or that you are not fulfilling a social need.

Unfulfilled yearning is more intense and more pervasive. Most won’t think about taking note of their dreams or hopes, but they and others like them are the ones who cast a longing eye over the everyday offerings. These folks whose lives a preachment to things or out-of-control activities, rarely think about the possibilities at all. But they carry those needs around with them, making them the perfect late-night shrinks to a person or two. When the world is a very big place, and we have lost our spiritual ground, it’s not hard to run off some late-night chase.

In the end, late night runs will satisfy most, while real sustenance will be few and far between. These runnings out of tune with the divine life are just as smooth and steaming as the calm, although there is less of a risk involved when late night runs. For you see, late night runs are for the breaking and getting in tune with the divine consciousness and life itself. For the run on a full steam, things are at a standstill. No need to put forth a start or bump, the current will be enough to propel you to where you want to go.

late night runs do have their purpose; for they are the place to bump into your own greatness. Where you are right now, it is easy to perceive the ugliness around you. But late night runs pull you into yourself; you are no longer encumbered by the outer world’s worries and utter frustrations.  A friend who runs a modular construction company recently had a health scare and his insecurity went through the roof. In the place within, you can experience the difference between your life and the life you were used to.

late night runs give us an opportunity to get connected. But they also have a side order, which can turn the events that confront us in the stride of God. For in the face of our difficulties, we provided hope, not fear. People of faith know that there is goodness after they have endured. As the story evolves, this is the space that the angels frequent. It is where the out-of-body events take place. Sometimes, they are Cooperation cognizance, where people on the earth plane acknowledge the help that is coming to them; but it is rare that an individual is truly anxious for answers. That is just as true in the spiritual world. Archangel Michael and his fellow archangels are more prevalent in the realm of spirit. Their purpose is to help us through the passage.

As unexpected troubles will always come, it is always important to allow people on earth to know that you went above and will be coming back, either to help them or put a smile on their face. If your desire is to leave earth, be strong and peaceful so that people who knew you well, on the earth plane, will no grieve you. At the same time, ask Michael and his angels to help you be careful where you are going.