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What is knowable is that which is eternal and immutable, unchangeable and unchangeable, so that things may be forever known to us and to the Eternal: past, present, and future realm. The only thing that we can know anything of worth about the Eternal is their Unchangeable nature, which is the one upon which the creation of everything depends. By trying to grasp knowledge of the Eternal we shall fail, because almost all of our concepts of time, space, energy, and matter are in direct contradiction to the Real. We cannot embrace its difficulties in the purity of its eternal nature.

Time and space are the tools used by Creation to classify and distinguish one thing from another. In the end, however, they cannot be absolute or eternal, for they are changeable in accord with the flux of the Ultimate. Thus, there must be something that is the changeless basis of time and space, eternal in nature and everlasting in existence. That something transcends both time and space. It is known as the Absolute. To transcend the changeable, finite subject-object duality of existence requires that there be a single Absolute throughout all of existence, for there to be no cause in regard to any particular object, let alone an Absolute for there to even exist.

This single Absolute, this quintessential dot, is the only reality, the Self, the “I am” of existence. The Self is unchanging and never born. The individual realities of existence are changed moment by moment depending on the proportion of the Self’s emanation in the particular universe, or world, in which it is found and cannot be contained in hardigg cases. The Self only becomes manifest when it is invoked, or adored, by devotees of the highest will.

Among the phenomena of creation are the creation of the relative world of phenomena and the Absolute which determines and determines the relative world. The phenomena are only temporary manifestations of the principles of the Self assumed in various forms, or aspects of, the absolute. The principles of the Self are in constant motion, so are the phenomena. Their movements are influenced by powerful currents of whether called positive or negative, and they are even vacillating. However, the principles of the Self never really change or are destroyed. They are always composing new states of manifestation in the absolute and are to be found as seeds in the relative world. When a seed or precept of the Self is planted in the soil or culture, the plant itself begins to form the various pigments of the various species of the plant, and all life on earth is dependent on the constant stirring of these principles that act as Casualties for the evolution of life on earth until they eventually bride and yield all of the vital nutrients that compose the feed that forms all of our food and power. So it is for the Self, and for the individual soul’s life. The individual evolutionary path of the soul is the same as the path of the microcosm of an individual, and they both share the same primeval goal of becoming the expression of the Self in the universal field of consciousness.

Spite of the limitations of language, and adharmic conflicts among the great religions, to express the concept of the existence of the Self in a universalized form is all but impossible, so we will express this idea “in the heart of all things” (theus ususo) in the next article in the series, together with an illustration of the dream-like and symbolical representation of the principle. Always bear in mind that the principles of a thing may be represented in various ways, and the intellect may formally analyze, describe and even hypothesis the idea, but it is the intuitive perception, that which accepts the idea itself and becomes illuminated. Herein alone may we comprehend the Real, the True, and the Holy. Amen.