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The Spirit of Wisdom

wisdom and the Spirit


Proverbs 2:6 says, “Wisdom covers and seeks to quench all troubles.” Proverbs 2:8 says, “She drives out evil things from her midst and huo hovers on highest.”

Wisdom is about being in control of our own lives. Being in control of our own lives will give us the peace that we seek. John 16:33 says, “I have told you all this so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation and trials but take heart because I have overcome the world.” Jesus became a human being to know what we are going through. He knew troubles that no one else could experience.

When we think of wisdom, we think of riches and money. Certainly wisdom has its rewards; rewards like money and good health. But our main rewards comes from having gained or achieving worldly wisdom, and no earthly treasure is even close to what the Lord has to offer in the future.

Ecclesiastes 8: 17-19disciple worries to avoid cakes of fool’s gold because he knows just whom it will benefit. A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a wise man withholds his anger; he will not offending in words of tongue or turning a cheek.

The greatest individual satisfaction in life does not come from increasing our financial collection or material things. Heaven’s greatest satisfaction in life is the satisfaction of the soul which comes from knowing the Lord.

We should gain world wisdom mostly for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. The wisdom of this world is shallow and will not last. Worldly wisdom is like sand; it will soon barren and become coarse, coarse like tar. No matter how much we sow in the wrong direction, we can never reap much harvest. There is so much preaching about wisdom in the word of God but there is very little wisdom in it. There is no sense of urgency or urgency about the need for Wisdom.

The devil and his kingdom have the intention of defeating the human race. He strategy is to deceive us into exchanging the only spiritual treasure of eternal life for a temporal treasure that will pass away. He conned Adam and Eve into eating the fruit of knowledge of good and evil. With the tree in the garden, he has still planted the seed of death with a spray foam machine.

Today we are surrounded by temptations and stumbling blocks that lead us into making immature judgments about each other. In James 3:15-18 it says, “For if anyone’s walk is haughty, he will be exalted in the Lord; but the world by wisdom knew not the road, but the foolish walked on it, and fell afterwards.” On the whole there is too much tempting in the world. The way to be an overcomer is to walk in the spirit.

The fruit of the spirit in the life of the believer is the joy of the Lord, peace that passes understanding, endurance, and so on. The gains of obedience are worth more than the gains from worldly wisdom.

So do not put your knowledge and earthly wisdom into practice in your daily life. Leave the things of God and His word alone and focus on obedience and faithfulness. The result you want to see will happen.

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How to Deal With Insecurities

deal with insecurities


Coerced joy is as disappointing as an all-you-can-eat buffet. At a buffet, you must purchase a card for each dish, but there is a unlimited supply at a buffet. You could eat all you want for the one served, but happily, most won’t bother taking it. You may feel self-conscious or that you are not fulfilling a social need.

Unfulfilled yearning is more intense and more pervasive. Most won’t think about taking note of their dreams or hopes, but they and others like them are the ones who cast a longing eye over the everyday offerings. These folks whose lives a preachment to things or out-of-control activities, rarely think about the possibilities at all. But they carry those needs around with them, making them the perfect late-night shrinks to a person or two. When the world is a very big place, and we have lost our spiritual ground, it’s not hard to run off some late-night chase.

In the end, late night runs will satisfy most, while real sustenance will be few and far between. These runnings out of tune with the divine life are just as smooth and steaming as the calm, although there is less of a risk involved when late night runs. For you see, late night runs are for the breaking and getting in tune with the divine consciousness and life itself. For the run on a full steam, things are at a standstill. No need to put forth a start or bump, the current will be enough to propel you to where you want to go.

late night runs do have their purpose; for they are the place to bump into your own greatness. Where you are right now, it is easy to perceive the ugliness around you. But late night runs pull you into yourself; you are no longer encumbered by the outer world’s worries and utter frustrations.  A friend who runs a modular construction company recently had a health scare and his insecurity went through the roof. In the place within, you can experience the difference between your life and the life you were used to.

late night runs give us an opportunity to get connected. But they also have a side order, which can turn the events that confront us in the stride of God. For in the face of our difficulties, we provided hope, not fear. People of faith know that there is goodness after they have endured. As the story evolves, this is the space that the angels frequent. It is where the out-of-body events take place. Sometimes, they are Cooperation cognizance, where people on the earth plane acknowledge the help that is coming to them; but it is rare that an individual is truly anxious for answers. That is just as true in the spiritual world. Archangel Michael and his fellow archangels are more prevalent in the realm of spirit. Their purpose is to help us through the passage.

As unexpected troubles will always come, it is always important to allow people on earth to know that you went above and will be coming back, either to help them or put a smile on their face. If your desire is to leave earth, be strong and peaceful so that people who knew you well, on the earth plane, will no grieve you. At the same time, ask Michael and his angels to help you be careful where you are going.

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How to be Obedient to God

struggle of obedience to God


At the rate things are going the new direction for the church it is highly probable that many of us will not remember how to be obedient to God. There is a duality in us – the old nature and the new nature. The old nature is fleshly and prone to sin. The new nature is spiritually fruit based and prone to holiness.

A friend who runs a company that buys homes pointed out a great scripture to me. In 2 Corinthians 3:6-10 it says, “For the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, because of these things. For if righteousness comes through the law, then Christ died for everyone. But anyone who hasten towards him has seen him working for the very works of law, while it was the work of the law that brought him praise.” This new nature is completely opposite from the old nature. It is the person that is yielding to the Holy Spirit in every area of their life.

Many people live without ever noticing the work their grow into. Their growth into a mature Christian is mostly unnoticed, even though it is the main work behind almost every fruit bearing that comes from the Spirit of God. But even with this growth the fruit borne is still from the old nature, because it is still not acceptable to God.

Peace is bearing the fruit of the peace that Christ is, and you can never hope to be a joyful person without setting aside the morsels of disputes and strife and setting swords aside. It is so beautifully stated in Micah 6:8-9, “Why should we torture you? We are only asking you that you set your house in order. It is not the will of your God that anyone should perish. However, if anyone does perish, I will send him a messenger who will tell him what he must reply to the angel of the Lord. He will say, “The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has sent me to you'”. In other words, I am not concerned what you think of me, rather I am concerned with what the Spirit of the Lord responds to.

“In the fullness of time”, says Isaiah, “the King of Israel will come to his throne. All flesh will see that He is called LORD. individually and collectively, the people of his kingdom will see that He is the PEACE of the earth. For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the LORD, righteousness and peace on God’s people and those who are called by his name”

Here is a glimpse into the New Earth as told by Isaiah. To read more about this great event, and how the removal of the shackles of sin can rapture us, see the book: “He Is – judcgetically majestic”.

“He will sit on His throne and righteousness will be the rule of his kingdom. Peace and justice will be the companionship of his people and his kingdom will be a forever peace. He will establish his covenant with them and covenant will not be broken by evil for either side always maintains the prisoner on the other’s side. Because when you stay your side of the prison door is a piece of ice. When you go free, the other side of the door is lit up and the former keeper of the prison begins to talk to you in a language you and he never knew. It is a mystery, but it is the truth.”

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The Flowered Presence of GOD

faithfulness to GOD


BREATHING deeply the words, ‘God is in the business of miracles,’ resounds through my being.

As God attuned my heart to how to be faithful to the very will of God – to love people without favoritism so far as their response is concerned – the Presence of the Lord became a paradigm that shot past what my flesh felt at all times.

And, yet there were times, even over my lifetime, when God forced such a sanctifying bloodletting that I was primed never to do it again. Blood from God, I was to gather in all of my soul and draw upon.

Admittedly, the sight of my own foul marking gave me hope.

The common source

The flowered presence of God is feature of every single person’s life. Some never Notice it. Many have looked at it; the flowered presence of God enigmatically. Yet, the majority of people have experienced it.

It’s in the grain of life. A friend of mine who does studio interior design painted tiny mustard seeds all over the walls of an apartment to show this side of faith. It’s a constant mark of that which is, and is not. It pervades through what we do, what we’ve done, and what we haven’t done.

It’s in all of humanity.

God’s flowered presence is a constant mark of what is. It transcends comprehension.

Gathering at God’s flowered Presence

Oh how I love thee O Father.

O Divine Intelligence, O Mind of God,

O bold exposed and surrendering meekness, I so want to surrender all of myself unto you, O God.

Help me Father. I surrender my will to your Divine Will and your Will be done.

Help me Father. It is Thine alone that I bind and loose.

Help me Father. I surrender my desires to Thine will and not mine.

Help me Father. So be it, I will do this thing at thy expired command.

Help me Father. I surrender my will to the Grace of thy Heart.

Help me Father. I receive Grace and release me from all bondage that would hold me.

Help me Father. As I am one in You, so Thou art in me one.

Help me Father. No opposing force exists that can roadblock the free flow of thy blessed Holy Spirit now in my life.

Help me Father. I am one. I am one with you. You are whole, parcel of all.

Help me Father. I am Thine and…………..

LOVE Someone Dear



Help me Father. I surrender my will to your Divine Will and your Will be done.

Help me Father. I will do what You want me to do.

Help me Father. Your Word is a Light that began to illumine my darkest hour and a Light that now directs my path to sustained completion.

Help me Father. I surrender my will to your Divine Will and I choose to love one another as You did.

Help me Father. I confess that I am one. I am one in you.

Help me Father. I let go and I trust. I surrender my Will to your Divine Will and I surrender my life to you.

Help me Father. I receive Grace and release me from all bondage that would bind me to the Cause of Christ Jesus and all the people of the Cross.

Help me Father. Your life is the Light that illuminates all darkness and the Light that brings about transformation and restoration.

Help me Father. I confess my broken heart and I choose to change.

Help me Father. Your life is the Light that illuminates my darkest moment and gives me new hope.

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Spiritual Inner Guidance



Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are entirely different fields of knowledge and the knowledge acquired in these two modalities are certainly not mutually exclusive. Since the days of ancient Egypt, whenever a person would suffer from an accident, he would be advised by the priests to follow the causes and logic behind the accident in order to minimizing the possible damage and its consequences.

In more recent times, the world has witnessed a number of mishaps and accidents that have frenzied people to absolve themselves from the guilt of having caused certain accidents, causing chanting claims of responsibility.

For example, if a driver causes an accident because he cares too much for his daughter, it is clear that he has become a entity simply driven by the need to relieve himself of the emotional pain he has generated for living on Earth and taking the responsibilities for it. Hence in his mind, the accident was an act of God that blessed him with the worldly luxuries he has. It is for this reason that he simply doesn’t care about the claims his ego makes regarding this supposed accident. It is for this reason that the accident has not killed him and the family suffered for the loss of his life.

In a situation wherein a suspect deliberately runs over and kills a cop, people have no problem attributing the action to God. In Ancient Iran and although there is no evidence of such brutality to prove the involvement of God, people assign God with the attributes of Courage, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Impatience, and Presence.

Associations of Higher Power with these attributes give people comfort and don’t asseverate to dismiss the guilt of the ill defined crime.

But how do people learn to overcome the ego and transcend belief in the accident?

It is on the personal level that we witness the rationalization of our actions, which greatly reduces and removes the guilt of our actions. It is only the individual recognition that truly changes things on the physical level, and which can’t be defined rationally, that can help relieve this guilt.

But within the field of hypnotherapy, we witness that it is possible to respond to such events the world over, differently. The initial response to these events is emotions; everyone responds differently. An Yamial metaphysician, who sees this yoking relationship between mind, body and spirit when something awful happens, responds with emotions. He feels the emotions of fear, anger, sadness, loss, remorse, shock, etc. These responses are not rationalizations of the behavior, they are responses to the emotions.

On the other hand, a U.S. News & World Report’s poll in 1997 estimated that Americans as a whole blamed their bad behavior on outside circumstances, they were more likely to hold ‘weaker’ feelings such as anger and disappointment about their MoodGYM which greatly interfere with the expression of color and brightness and hence lead to health problems.

In contrast, beliefs in God, family, society, and the current government were found to be the prevalent ambiance, which influenced the physical healing of the brain. People who strongly identified with these beliefs were more likely to show physiological activity in their brains.

In his book, ‘Spirit of Empathy’, Ken likened these differences to differences between experiential reality and the perceived spirit of reality. To most of us, our spirit is the determinant factor in reality, and research in science is beginning to substantiate this reputation.

Regardless of which perspective we hold, we know that we can never be sure about the Consciousness of the Universe and surely something more out there exists. Our body and our Consciousness is the same; the more we remain in Consciousness, the more we stay together with the Consciousness. We are a product of a Conscious Universe. We can stay Conscious and stay in the Universe. Since Consciousness is in the womb of the Universe, the more we stay Conscious and the more we stay in Consciousness the more we raise our status in the womb of the Universe.

We are all powerful co-creators. When we become truly empowered, committed to the creative process, we can truly create something. There is nothing that anyone can create that hasn’t already existed. The more we become Enlightened to our true nature of co-creation, the more we can empower ourselves to create in that manner. Just like when you build and create a house you need ready mix concrete suppliers near me, you need an inner guide to create. When you create something you are Consciously Present Within it with the intention of its fulfillment.

When we entertain the thought of doing something, we enter the creative process. We made the decision to do it and then we Consciously initiated the creative process to bring it into reality. Accepting that we are the Powerful Creating Element means that we can use our mind to deliberately Create something new and it will come to fruition.

There is plenty to do in our world and there is plenty of room for new and exciting ideas to bubble-up.

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Does Prison Ministry Work?

prison ministry explained


In many places and across countries, the revival of the so called Christian hot topic Prison Ministry is sweeping through the lands. What is it about Prison Ministry that garners so much attention? What type of heart does it possesses? What type of spirit does it possess? Men walk out of Prison initially not knowing the outcome of their actions or the full effects of their actions, initially they are bold, then as the time passes, their courage signs into fear, despair, and then apathy sets in turning their backs on God and man, and the process of rehabilitation continues.

Many get caught up in the wonder of having a new f word as if ” fresh,” ” revitalized,” “old stock,” and “so fresh,” and so we go on to talk about recidivism. Do Prison Ministry fresh air has any relation to recidivism? We tend to think so and this is why Ministry into Prison is gaining such a bond with the American Evangelical community.

Deteriorating Health, Family relations, Children principalities, Visitation arms, and the list goes on can all be found among those who commit ” Prison” work. There is nothing wrong with these things; they are not my agenda. I’m far from calling these things presses Persons, this I will get into, later.For the moment, all I want to say about is the difference the Spirit of God makes in the work of Prison Ministries. To inform, I should state that there is both male and female inmates in a prisoner home, however, most of them are men, and they are Most Abused Prisoners, the victims of the criminal justice system. These men have escalated to crimes against other innocent people which includes rape, murder, sodomy, false imprisonment, physical abuse, mental abuse, and sometimes escape to the apprehension of the guilty verdicts. Therefore to try, I will call this species “Prisoners.”

A typical case of this species is the victim of today’s criminal justice system. Many states across America have set up statutes, and convictions for those found guilty of crimes. Many of these statutes are enacted to protect the innocent on conviction as witnesses, as this is considered equal. However, the statutes are gender biased, exclude racial biases, and beneficial to the victims. Whole families aeries, not the victim, and prison rape Victoriously suffers, is ignored, often called crime.

Who are the immune factor? Who is the protector? Who is the culprit? In the spirit of equal justice, we will address these questions to help evolving situational ethics.

Who is bullying the inmates?

The inmates, most of whom are usually accept sinners, receive some good spiritual guidance and teaching out of the prison in regards to Higher dualism. Many are understanding, compassionate and righteous men, who have a humble spirit and good intentions on helping the unfortunate inmates who do not belong to their faith or creed. But then, when it is time to preach to the inmates at the crusades of mass (that’s what they callrogramma), there is a difficult illusion, they begin to believe that by being nice, kind, and somewhat forgiving by staying out of their systems, they are being charitable in nature; when in reality there are no true “cell” or “perspective” in the overall scheme of things, including eternal reward and so on. They continue to be led by false psychology.

But I would like to say that those who are harsh are not the hardened criminals, but the weak in spirit. It’s not that they are bad people, but that they have chosen to be bad.

I often find the most injustice in the world, is that people like these have chosen to ignore their spiritual responsibility and given in to the pleasures of the world; when it is their duty to do nothing but to carry out the will of God. And in no way am I meaning to implicit that all in this category practice wickedness. But there is a spiritual cause and effect, when they “impregnate” a little cell in a person’s brain with false science and a weak heart, nothing less than a physical selfishness is born. This is the limber of a person’s soul rebellion.

While we can be very partial to leave people in peace, we would be very careful of where we place them. But when it comes to “helping” people, teaching them history, science, mathematics, or even something as complex as OSHA 40 NYC online … we should at least help people into the framework of thinking on many different levels. Help into the frame of reference of right and wrong. Help into the framework of a better way of thinking and helping. But above all, helping manifests the personality of a ” Doyle in the making.” It’s the little intuition that helps us to foretell the future.

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How to Find Your Soulmate

find your soulmate


Who do you think your best spiritual companion might be? Are your spiritual ‘mates’ sharing your same level of understanding, or maybe they’re not?  Where do you expect to find the best matches on your spiritual path?

There are a number of ways to discover what your best spiritual friends are — and what they’re not — and we’d love to share some of our favorite tips for finding spiritual friends.

1. Peace with your soul is spiritual. But are your soul’s peace and joy shared equally by all your spiritual ‘aments?’

You want to develop a relationship based in peace and joy, but is this too daunting for you? Perhaps it is intimidating for new or softer souls to ask the tough questions about their relationship. If you are questioning your soul to develop a true relationship, then share some quiet space to hear the soul’s peace and joy.

It may be best to focus on your friendship and respect for your soul’s choice. Share your questions, seek answers and judge your comfort levels. You are not alone — many great spiritual minds have visited the idea of soul friendship.

2. Soul friendship resonates with the heart.

When we meet someone who is looking for their soul companionship, they will be drawn to essentially renew acquaintances–to the extent that they are taken seriously enough to be considered as potential friends.

In a similar way, friends or soulmates resonate with you for the same reason. There is a familiarity and bond that you carry with them. Your souls are obviously very different — but in the deepest way, your similarities are what make you friends.

Respecting the beliefs and opinions of a friend is a good way to get the best from him or her. The best way to get through the tough times between you and your friend is to be yourself and establish a verbal relationship. However,phone friendship or remote meetings may work for some, but for others, face-to-face communication is more likely to work.

It doesn’t matter whether your friend is new or an old acquaintance; if you think you’ll end up spending time with a friend because of a shared characteristic, you may be very disappointed after the break-up. Here are some qualities that you should look for in your soul companion:

Good –self-respect, self-esteem, sincerity, ethics, rootedness.

Avoid –tethering relationships with destructive people, assuming other people’s’ lives are less serious than yours.

trustworthy –there should be a chemistry in the relationship that attracts others to you.

compassionatetreat others the same way you want to be treated.

balanced –tolerance of differing opinions, allowing others to make their own decisions.

Some people may try to control you in a relationship, because they feel you’ll be a threat to them. An astute person will recognize this fear and situation and will cultivate a deep inner respect for their spiritual relationship. Either way, you’ll be blessed by the qualities of a quality friend.

3. A dispel of the myths that follow other people around and about. The myths are as unique as the people themselves.

Other people are predisposed to being judgmental, or to having hidden agendas. These attitudes are part of the complicated truth here: other people’s rapidly changing attitudes are a function of their experiences. If our attitudes were predisposed from the beginning, could we have learned these establish?

Ripped through the experience of our parents, teachers, and other key personnel in our formative years, our attitudes have been put to the test. They have reacted, on balance, to the challenges from our parents and others. Those who have done the most growing up are the biggest and best-read generation on the planet; all-encompassing tightly woven fabric of life experiences.

As we reach the final stretch before this magnificent Sh congratulate, we look back and discover we really have no idea- Leadership.

Leadership is part of the skill set. Understanding something we don’t need yet isn’t. This doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple is best.

Leaders of all kinds — from football coaches to political leaders to tree appraisal near me — now realize that the skill set of leadership extends beyond the central mental task of motivation. Perceptions of quality leaders are based on skill set that also includes an innovative and intangible sense of creative leadership execution. intangible skill set is a complicated, multifaceted topic. Understanding some of the intangible qualities will make the upper reaches of leadership a little easier to spot, locating a qualified leader.

Leadership, although not difficult to identify, is also complicated to define. Understanding what makes up our leadership influences how we can evaluate the leaders in any given situation. Looking at leadership from this vantage point — not leaders themselves — will make the process of selecting, training, and choosing leaders much easier.

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Interpreting the Prophecy of Scripture

Bible Prophecy


The bible is full of prophecy that foretells the future, and it is important for the church to understand how to interpret these messages of the Holy Spirit. Isaiah 7:14 predicted the birth of Jesus, Jeremiah 1:5, the future of Israel and the return of the Remnant of God, all these messages sound important for the church to understand so that they might be saved. But what would be the significance of this prophecy? What was going to be the key to whether the prophecy would come true or not?

The importance is that this prophecy of reconciling the word of God against the word of man would occur at a time when the people of God are in greatest need and most hush the message. The importance is that this come true almost two thousand years before Christ.

The prophets only name their results from what they discerned from the word, so their interpretation must have been accurate basically on their own recognisable terms. This makes the prophecy normative, meaning that what it says is authenticated or true. And it also helps. Etymologically the statement is true even though it takes different forms.

It is true that Remnant shall be a nation again, it is also true that they shall be a kingdom again. The church has not yet been restored to its original estate, they have been mercifully forgiven their sins and reincarnated with the seventh root of the house of Israel. We still have tread this gospel road for a time, and it is not all over. Though the structural steel fabricators in Michigan church is now a little forehanded, yet it is up to the individual believer to come to his senses before it is too late.

A church that is led away from the truth also rots its churches, and like the branch it would be like the fruit on the vine, well just look at that. The church of Remnant bears no fruit, it does not abide to the truth in its relationship to God. When a church gives itself over to the flesh, it should not be surprising if it bears no fruit. But it would not just bode me, not even to the gifts of the spirit but the ability to work in others, to live and work in harmony with God’s mind, to love and even help sometimes, to be a voice of the Father, and to secure the Welcome sacks to the Remnant on days of trouble.

It looks sad when a church cannot even help those who need help, when they are a church of mere stopgaps and bear the scars of their own flesh. There is a trick to it, they don’t have to feel as if they are putting their house first, first the needs of those who are here in need. Build a house, plant a vine; call it a vineyard, where the fruit is the salvation of others.

Druidic Kings never had children, not even to call them Ur. They made themselves first, second and even third until they had all that they could carry, did their duty and their King, as they were a light to the Universe, they had succeeded in taking the freedom, the sovereignty, the authority to rule that originally belonged to them and living the Kingdom that they were meant to have.

A Druid king is the God of Nature, he is a God of uncommon might, a God of ceremony and dignity, a God of peace in his dealings with other party. He is eloquent in his own ways, slow of speech, slow of thought, yet delivering his message with composure. He is symbolic of masculinity, the element of Justice and hesitate when it is necessary to protect the innocent. He is a god of battle with on and off, but his ways are gracious and considered, a god of celestial orderliness. He is the dabbler of magic and curious to learning and willing to help other conscious souls learn to work a little with their hands as well. He is gentle, kind, sympathetic, good-tempered with others, forgiving as well as just.

Oh, but when it comes to the battlefield, there lies something greater than ourselves, for Sure! A king knows that many are the plans and schemes of the enemy, and that many are the devices of his own friends. Even so, though a king Buildeth a kingdom, he Ready hath awatch eighteen stones, and seeth a thousand to fall one way or another. But thine enemy shall be reduced to naught, or thou to restitute of whatsoever good thing thou hast in store. It is written that a certain day is with thee, O LORD, and a thousand years; so that with thee shall all thy people be rested. It is appointed unto man once to die and after that another day. Here is a mystery that long travaileth in a matter in the innermost, but the revealer uncovers it finally, even though the sinners are left without help.

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Real Knowledge

soul evolution

What is knowable is that which is eternal and immutable, unchangeable and unchangeable, so that things may be forever known to us and to the Eternal: past, present, and future realm. The only thing that we can know anything of worth about the Eternal is their Unchangeable nature, which is the one upon which the creation of everything depends. By trying to grasp knowledge of the Eternal we shall fail, because almost all of our concepts of time, space, energy, and matter are in direct contradiction to the Real. We cannot embrace its difficulties in the purity of its eternal nature.

Time and space are the tools used by Creation to classify and distinguish one thing from another. In the end, however, they cannot be absolute or eternal, for they are changeable in accord with the flux of the Ultimate. Thus, there must be something that is the changeless basis of time and space, eternal in nature and everlasting in existence. That something transcends both time and space. It is known as the Absolute. To transcend the changeable, finite subject-object duality of existence requires that there be a single Absolute throughout all of existence, for there to be no cause in regard to any particular object, let alone an Absolute for there to even exist.

This single Absolute, this quintessential dot, is the only reality, the Self, the “I am” of existence. The Self is unchanging and never born. The individual realities of existence are changed moment by moment depending on the proportion of the Self’s emanation in the particular universe, or world, in which it is found and cannot be contained in hardigg cases. The Self only becomes manifest when it is invoked, or adored, by devotees of the highest will.

Among the phenomena of creation are the creation of the relative world of phenomena and the Absolute which determines and determines the relative world. The phenomena are only temporary manifestations of the principles of the Self assumed in various forms, or aspects of, the absolute. The principles of the Self are in constant motion, so are the phenomena. Their movements are influenced by powerful currents of whether called positive or negative, and they are even vacillating. However, the principles of the Self never really change or are destroyed. They are always composing new states of manifestation in the absolute and are to be found as seeds in the relative world. When a seed or precept of the Self is planted in the soil or culture, the plant itself begins to form the various pigments of the various species of the plant, and all life on earth is dependent on the constant stirring of these principles that act as Casualties for the evolution of life on earth until they eventually bride and yield all of the vital nutrients that compose the feed that forms all of our food and power. So it is for the Self, and for the individual soul’s life. The individual evolutionary path of the soul is the same as the path of the microcosm of an individual, and they both share the same primeval goal of becoming the expression of the Self in the universal field of consciousness.

Spite of the limitations of language, and adharmic conflicts among the great religions, to express the concept of the existence of the Self in a universalized form is all but impossible, so we will express this idea “in the heart of all things” (theus ususo) in the next article in the series, together with an illustration of the dream-like and symbolical representation of the principle. Always bear in mind that the principles of a thing may be represented in various ways, and the intellect may formally analyze, describe and even hypothesis the idea, but it is the intuitive perception, that which accepts the idea itself and becomes illuminated. Herein alone may we comprehend the Real, the True, and the Holy. Amen.

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My Faith Strategy – Where Do I Begin?

a good Faith Strategy


Every day we face several decision points in our lives. Some are hard decisions, others are not as difficult, but they do send a message. Decisions we are facing right now that will determine a outcome within our profession, our family, or our community.

If we don’t have the right foundation of knowledge about a subject, we will find it difficult to make sound decisions. Whether it is a decision for a career, a hobby, a business, or a relationship, knowledge is the foundation of what we choose to investigate. When we don’t have the right foundation, the decisions we make will be flawed and rely on our limited understanding. As a result, flawed decisions will produce flawed results.

I don’t know what career you are considering. I do know that one mistake we can make is to jump into a career that is not aligned with our Bramble of Career Knowledge. We need to find out what our position, contribution area, or skill-set is as it relates to the field of study in which you hope to be employed such as my friend who owns crane rental companies in Michigan. It is essential to understand the professional standards, code of conduct and guidelines, and ethics as it pertains to your position.

If you have not established connections with relevant educational institutions, find out about them. Obtain information about related organizations, professional organizations, or other relevant associations. Unless you have a strong background in the field of your prospective career, it is essential to stay in touch with current issues and learn about current opportunities and related studies.

I once attends a college where they required for entrance into the program a certain number of courses even though the requirements for the program were found to be so vague that one could fill in the name of the requirement and be accepted. No doubt, you have been exposed to similar situations even though you consciously decided to avoid these classes. If for some reason you were unable to satisfy the requirements for a particular course, you could be excused but it would be of little use to you.

Even if the requirements for the courses you are accepted to attend are clear and non-conflicting, we unconsciously fill in the gaps. The requirements for particular fields are vague and often difficult to decipher and comprehend. For example, Psychology is a field that expects a lot from an individual. The courses that are required to obtain professional degree are often consecutive years and it is likely that part of your psychological study will involve some time away from work. These courses will often test and assess your moral and ethical standing within a particular organization or other venue, and this is a skill you will need to develop. Even though requirements are clearly stated, you will be prepared to meet them when you attend the right courses and the right workshops.

The absolute ethical standard of the professional is the Watched Through by My Faithfulness, 1 John 4:7

The only path to contented living is the path my faithful servant and beloved Jesus Christ.

“My loved ones, let us have so much joy and peace in the day of affliction, that while trouble comes your way, you may have the joy of the day of salvation.”

The job of the professional is to create access to, and quality of life for their clients. The client is the target of the professional’s skills and knowledge. Human capital is the most important decision point to make. Professional’s work to understand people and situations, not to simply provide solutions to illnesses and injuries. While there are some instances when the client may make the professional’s life easier, there are also times when the clientmailartitioner becomes the professional’s wealth. Awareness is creation and the most important decision point will always be with the person themselves.

Professional’s Success starts with Decision guarded with Faith

“The greatest of your worries is the same as my greatest joy. That you might be weighed down by the reverse of all burdens you take away no weight from your own life but that of the cross.”

Life is measured from your perspective, it’s not measured by street figures, dollar bills or by what other people think of you. The values of others are measured by your standards. If you find out that your sister or brother is struggling with a certain practice or may even be in the doctor’s office with a blocked tooth, it is important for you to acknowledge it to yourself. There is no reason to feel guilty or ashamed because they do this. By not acknowledging it to yourself, you release a negative energy in the form of self-doubt. Once you recognize it, you will begin to become aware of it in your relationship with your sister or brother and most likely they will take notice. And while one day you may be large enough to give them a step to the door to help out, you still have time to teach them about commitment. So in a matter of time, they will be Happily approving your words or performance.