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So, fun fact, Nashville, or more specifically, Tennessee, is one of the eight states with more than 50 mega churches. A lot of those are in Nashville, a great big portion of them actually, probably because of the competition and such. There is a lot of churches there, if they are a megachurch or not, there is a lot. As you can probably guess, this is what we are going to be talking about today.


You can be looking this up for a hundred thousand different reasons, dozens of different things that that could be influencing you as to why you want to be learning about some of the best churches in Nashville. Hopefully, we are going to be able to cover something that you may want to know about these churches, and hopefully you will be able to find exactly what you need.


You may be here to find a church to attend, in which case, we dearly hope that we are able to match you with one that you would be really happy to go to. We are going to be talking about a lot of different types of churches, Baptist, Church of Christ, Catholic, Calvary, etc. We are going to be talking about a lot of different churches and different religions, so whatever you may need for research purposes, hopefully we can help you out.


We do sincerely apologies if we leave out one of your favorite churches or if we leave out a specific church that you were hoping to be added onto this list. We do really hope that you aren’t disappointed in any way for the things that may or may not be on this list, but if we do end up disappointing you, then we apologies.


We also wanted to say a deep and sincere thank you for taking some time out of your incredibly busy schedule to come and learn a little bit more about this topic. We do really appreciate the fact that you want to come and read this list and analysis, it is really great to know that we were helpful to you in anyway.


Also, just a really quick warning before we get on with the list. As we said, there is an absolutely enormous number of churches, big churches, small churches, megachurches, different churches of different faiths, etc. There is a lot and because of that we are going to have to limit this list in a way that saves us and you some time. We are going to have to go ahead and just pick the best of the best churches available in Nashville and hope that we can land on one that you see.


Also, just a note, we aren’t doing this in any kind of particular order, this is just randomly placed, so being the first or last one on here does not make one church above any other, this is just to point out that these churches are absolutely amazing.


It’s just not possible to go through all of them, all two hundred something, it just wouldn’t work, so we are going to have to keep it limited to only the best of the best. The top churches are the only ones allowed on this list, and if that disappoints you, then we are incredibly sorry. So, without any further delay, here is a conveniently compiled list and analysis of all the top churches in Nashville.

Journey Church


So, the first church on this amazing list is a Baptist church, and it is a doozy, this place is honestly one of the best churches in Nashville, probably the entire world even. There is everything g that you could possibly need in a church like this, there’s the music, there’s the preaching, there’s the incredibly friendly community of like-minded people. It has everything that you could ever possibly want from a place like this and we do sincerely hope that you consider checking it out, it honestly has some of the coolest things there.


A lot of the reviews about this church are mostly positive, the only negative ones talking about how traffic can be kind of bad when it let out, but that’s not that bad, it’s kind of something that happens at all the biggest churches. I myself would definitely not mind taking a look at this church and maybe connecting with a few of the people there, because as the reviews said, a lot of the community is incredibly generous and loving, and the staff even more so.


Most of the pastors are incredibly good at what they do, and they can most certainly teach about the gospel that they praise. The music there is just an amazing quality, they sing everything they have newer Christian music in later services and older songs during the morning for the more traditional Christians.


Hopefully you yourself can find some time to go out and see what everyone is raving on about with this church, maybe you’ll see it as your new church home and be there every Sunday from now on, that would certainly be something wouldn’t it? They are open every day, except for Friday and Saturday, and generally from nine to two, so if you ever do decide to visit, you would have plenty of time during the week.


The services for Sunday though are a 9:30 service to 10:30 and then one at 11:15 to 12:15, so two services that you can take advantage of and make yourself a flexible schedule based upon it. Again, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to go and visit, maybe you could even skip the middleman and just call them, maybe ask a few questions that they may be able to answer.


Whatever you need to do, this is the best Baptist church in Nashville, according to a majority of the people that attend or have attended, so that alone is enough evidence to suggest that it is in fact a church worth checking out at one point or another.

Belmont Church


Right behind Journey Church is Belmont Church, another Baptist one that really is just something special, this is one that is for sure one to check out, especially for the more classically minded Christians as this is the church for more traditional things. The music is a little more traditional, the preaching, some of their practices, all around good things that a lot of people can enjoy during their Sunday service.


All of the people at this church, the community that is, is incredibly friendly, they are all very accepting and very good at begin good Christians, and the preachers and staff are even better. They are right next to the metal recycling near me.  As we said, the preaching is a little more old school, but it still stands strong today with its strong core beliefs that Jesus Christ is everyone’s savor. There is a lot to be offered from this place to say the least and they are all good things, so hopefully you find some time out of your very busy schedule to go by for a service or two and see what they are all about.


Hopefully for them, and you, this will be your new church home, possibly you’ll be able to connect with them and learn a little bit more about yourself as you search for all the best churches, and hopefully this will be one of the ones on your next stop. As we said, it is one that is definitely worth checking out, it has a ton of things to love about it and hopefully you’ll be able to see how much they can offer you and your potential family.

Church of the City


The next one on our list is another follower of Jesus Christ but with a more directed focus. This church as you can probably guess form its name is dedicated to the city and its betterment, using the gifts Jesus has given them and the faith that they have ready. It is honestly very admirable how they decide to take their city by storm and go out to help those in need and help make things better in general with their wisdom, patience, and kindness.


They of course have a Sunday service, they are after all a church, they don’t spend all their time and effort in the city. They have a lot of amazing things to look forward to when you go to this church a lot of spectacular things to look at and see and learn from on your trip to this one. The staff and the community is all incredibly welcoming and they are all incredibly kind and helpful, always willing to lend a hand when one is needed.


This is honestly one of the best churches in Nashville for the simple fact they care so deeply for the people around them, they always take the servants route and decide to be the better people in their community. they want to make a change and with their prayer and the resources given to them by God, they have decided to make the best of it and make the city better.


This is one that I would personally go and check out, they have a lot of things that I would love to see. From the reviews and other face to face comments, I’ve seen that there is a lot of praise in particular for their preaching, there pastors are all very kind and easy going, making sure that people can understand their message with clarity and sure footedness. So, if you ever find the time, you should definitely go and check this place out, and maybe consider donating to there very charitable cause.

Woodmont Christian Church


The last church that we are going to be talking about today is the Woodmont Christian Church and this is one of the best for the simple fact that their motto is about complete and utter unity. They are all about togetherness and making sure that everyone stays afloat on their journey through life, which is also something that is incredibly heartwarming and good, and they apply this motto to whoever joins them, and whoever hasn’t yet.


This is a church that is just so incredibly welcoming that it is almost shocking, just for the sheer fact that they are so welcoming should put this as the best church in Nashville, but like we said there is no best and there is certainly no worst with this list. There is a lot that can be said about this church but the unity that they have and the feeling of warmth and family they exude is just irreplaceable.


So, if you ever find the time to go and see this church, then we definitely recommend it, hopefully you will be able to find everything that you could ever possibly want out of a church like this very soon. Again, this is one of the best, possibly the best, and we dearly hope that you agree with us if you ever get the chance to try them out for yourselves.


The Conclusion


So, we talked about quite a few churches today, all of them being absolutely amazing and good for everything that they do, and they are all just so wonderful and the best with what they do. Hopefully you agree with us and hopefully you were able to find a church that you like with this list, we dearly hope that it was useful.


We just wanted to say again that we are very grateful for the time and effort you put into reading this analysis, we do sincerely thank you for the time that you put aside to come by and read through it really quickly. Thank you very much, and we do hope to see you again and again with everything that you do in life, and we really hope that we will be able to help you in some other future endeavor. This was the top churches in Nashville.