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Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are entirely different fields of knowledge and the knowledge acquired in these two modalities are certainly not mutually exclusive. Since the days of ancient Egypt, whenever a person would suffer from an accident, he would be advised by the priests to follow the causes and logic behind the accident in order to minimizing the possible damage and its consequences.

In more recent times, the world has witnessed a number of mishaps and accidents that have frenzied people to absolve themselves from the guilt of having caused certain accidents, causing chanting claims of responsibility.

For example, if a driver causes an accident because he cares too much for his daughter, it is clear that he has become a entity simply driven by the need to relieve himself of the emotional pain he has generated for living on Earth and taking the responsibilities for it. Hence in his mind, the accident was an act of God that blessed him with the worldly luxuries he has. It is for this reason that he simply doesn’t care about the claims his ego makes regarding this supposed accident. It is for this reason that the accident has not killed him and the family suffered for the loss of his life.

In a situation wherein a suspect deliberately runs over and kills a cop, people have no problem attributing the action to God. In Ancient Iran and although there is no evidence of such brutality to prove the involvement of God, people assign God with the attributes of Courage, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Impatience, and Presence.

Associations of Higher Power with these attributes give people comfort and don’t asseverate to dismiss the guilt of the ill defined crime.

But how do people learn to overcome the ego and transcend belief in the accident?

It is on the personal level that we witness the rationalization of our actions, which greatly reduces and removes the guilt of our actions. It is only the individual recognition that truly changes things on the physical level, and which can’t be defined rationally, that can help relieve this guilt.

But within the field of hypnotherapy, we witness that it is possible to respond to such events the world over, differently. The initial response to these events is emotions; everyone responds differently. An Yamial metaphysician, who sees this yoking relationship between mind, body and spirit when something awful happens, responds with emotions. He feels the emotions of fear, anger, sadness, loss, remorse, shock, etc. These responses are not rationalizations of the behavior, they are responses to the emotions.

On the other hand, a U.S. News & World Report’s poll in 1997 estimated that Americans as a whole blamed their bad behavior on outside circumstances, they were more likely to hold ‘weaker’ feelings such as anger and disappointment about their MoodGYM which greatly interfere with the expression of color and brightness and hence lead to health problems.

In contrast, beliefs in God, family, society, and the current government were found to be the prevalent ambiance, which influenced the physical healing of the brain. People who strongly identified with these beliefs were more likely to show physiological activity in their brains.

In his book, ‘Spirit of Empathy’, Ken likened these differences to differences between experiential reality and the perceived spirit of reality. To most of us, our spirit is the determinant factor in reality, and research in science is beginning to substantiate this reputation.

Regardless of which perspective we hold, we know that we can never be sure about the Consciousness of the Universe and surely something more out there exists. Our body and our Consciousness is the same; the more we remain in Consciousness, the more we stay together with the Consciousness. We are a product of a Conscious Universe. We can stay Conscious and stay in the Universe. Since Consciousness is in the womb of the Universe, the more we stay Conscious and the more we stay in Consciousness the more we raise our status in the womb of the Universe.

We are all powerful co-creators. When we become truly empowered, committed to the creative process, we can truly create something. There is nothing that anyone can create that hasn’t already existed. The more we become Enlightened to our true nature of co-creation, the more we can empower ourselves to create in that manner. Just like when you build and create a house you need ready mix concrete suppliers near me, you need an inner guide to create. When you create something you are Consciously Present Within it with the intention of its fulfillment.

When we entertain the thought of doing something, we enter the creative process. We made the decision to do it and then we Consciously initiated the creative process to bring it into reality. Accepting that we are the Powerful Creating Element means that we can use our mind to deliberately Create something new and it will come to fruition.

There is plenty to do in our world and there is plenty of room for new and exciting ideas to bubble-up.