A Church Guide for Salem Oregon

salem oregon church

1. Salem Alliance Church

The church boasts an extensive pastoral team that allows for colorful services 5 times a week. Each service is guaranteed to be different from the last and although the main hall is quite expansive, the whole church gives off a small town intimate feeling that makes its members feel close to one another.

On top of that, the church also provides several amenities that members and visitors can enjoy from. This includes bicycle repair services, a refugee ministry that provides education to those who which to be professional ministers, and a coffee outreach program.

2. St Joseph Salem Church

With a history that dates back to the 1850s, the St. Joseph Church in Salem is as important for its historical significance as it is for its religious role. Numerous renovations throughout the church’s history have maintained its classical church feel. Like most catholic churches, this church displays statues, stained glass, arches, and all the artworks associated with Roman Catholicism.

All that means this place is ideal to witness a traditional form of worship done in the original Latin. Other than that, be sure to check the place out to see one of the great architectural highlights of the city of Salem.

3. Fellowship Salem Church

Many who visit the Fellowship Salem Church swear by its ability to make you feel better no matter what situation you have in life. The mission church is outreach-oriented and gives sermons tailored to the demands of the times. Music is said to be quite enjoyable and the congregation is diverse as it is welcoming to outsiders.

The Fellowship Church also has a track record of being quite community-oriented, helping out in any way they can for the members in need. They are also known for being well-versed in scriptures and having highly involved pastors always ready to give life advice.

4. Morning Star Community Salem Church

A family-oriented church that feels more like a weekly concert than a service, the Morning Star Community Salem Church provides a lot of fun to go along with their devotional activities. Children and teenagers too can benefit from their extensive list of programs.

One of the main things the church is known for is the constant presence of professional music players that are utilized to emphasize the sermons with song. All this goes directly into providing the most emotional worship that takes pride in being community-based. Many consider this church to be more than a place of worship – they see it as a home.

5. Bethel Baptist Church

The teachings of the Bethel Baptist Salem Church come directly from the King James Bible and are delivered by truly skilled preachers. The church makes a reputation for itself as a family place and it shows. There are numerous programs for children’s education with regards to biblical teachings and the church sponsors over 60 missionary operations all over the globe.

The congregation is also quite friendly and welcoming of people from all walks of life. Several services take place throughout the week and Sunday school for the youth as well.

6. Salem Heights Church

Salem Heights is a fairly large church situated in the heart of Salem. Many who visit though say that despite the size, the members waste no time in making you feel welcome and a part of their large family. Pianos, drums, and guitars feature prominently in the church’s services but there are also brass and string instruments complimenting. The pastors are always quick to relate their sermons to current events troubling the community.

Reviews of the church say that the pastors are not afraid to deal with topics that are not discussed enough in the communities they serve and the congregation is said to appreciate this greatly.

7. Queen of Peace Catholic Church

The priests managing the Queen of Peace Catholic Salem Church are said to be exceptionally kind and accommodating. The parish is a close-knit community that deeply adheres to the words of the bible and it is evident in their Sunday services. These services are usually filled with song and praise and many stay long after the mass has concluded.

As for the church itself, it possesses all the architectural grandeur and pieces of moving religious art expected from Catholic churches. Like many churches of the faith, the high ceilings make it conducive to singing.

8. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

The Salem Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, also known as the Mormon Salem Church, is part of a denomination that considers itself to be the restoration of the original church of Jesus Christ. The relatively large church houses two wards, beautiful architecture, and well-maintained grounds in the surroundings. The place also serves as the Monmouth Oregon Stake Center and services take place every Sunday.

Visitors, even those of different beliefs, are very much welcomed in the church. Apart from the usual programs, there are also several other projects the church undertakes to help its congregation and the community surrounding it.

9. West Salem Foursquare Church

The Foursquare Church is a Pentecostal evangelical denomination that was founded in 1923 by Aimee McPherson. The West Salem Church is a branch of that and caters to the followers in the area. The pastors in this church go above and beyond for their congregation and are said to be very accommodating to inquiring visitors.

The church also offers several successful youth and children’s groups which give structure to the younger members of the congregation. Sunday schools are also a standard offering and allow parents a safe and good place to leave their children. On top of that, the entire church aims to be quite family-oriented and provides entertaining services that are also deeply emotional.

Services occur almost every day except for Fridays and Saturdays.


10. Saint Mark Lutheran Salem Church

As one of the largest and original denominations of Protestantism, is it any wonder that the Lutheran Church has a branch residing in the heart of the spiritual city of Salem. This particular church preaches the Holy Scriptures and promotes strong faith and the belief in being saved through the grace of God alone.

Those who go to this church state that it’s a place best appreciated alone in solemn contemplation. Though the large membership can be quite intimidating, St. Mark’s affects believers on a personal level. They offer services and educational programs throughout the week and are deeply involved in missionary work within the community and beyond.

Along with spreading the good work, they also make it a point to engage in philanthropic works as well. Many projects of this sale church involve the feeding and housing of the poor and needy. It is open to outsiders who are curious or to those who simply wish to volunteer themselves for the outreach programs and help the community for the better.

11. Outward Church

Though relatively new when compared to more established churches in Salem, the Outward Church is showing a lot of potential as a church geared towards the worship and education of Salem’s youth. They have hired many Contractors Salem Oregon to remodel their sanctuary and classrooms and it really shows. They do this by mixing their sermon with very current musical sets that can entertain as well as move you emotionally.

The main goal of this Salem Church is to expand the good news of Christ “outward” to the community. It can be said that they do this by appearing hip and conscious of the current trends the younger generations seem to adhere to. Overall, many say that the church is worth checking out at the very least.

12. Family Life

The Salem church of Family Life lives up to its name in many ways. The programs are tailored to make worship and devotion a fun experience for the entire family. The Children’s ministry caters to young people with theatre and musical productions. Musical instruments are in no short supply as they are the main components in almost every service.

The values professed by the church are evident in those who attend. Rare it is to see a member of the congregation without a smile on his/her face. Services occur 3 times a week, and there are numerous other programs to be a part of.

13. Peoples Church

The Peoples Salem Church has, for many decades now, been a mainstay in the community and the lives of countless Salem citizens. There are known for their extremely festive attitude towards holidays and an annual car show to raise funds for the church and charity.

Services are occurring twice a week, Fridays and Sundays, but there are a string of other events and programs to join to be more involved. Many adults have fond memories of growing up going to this church and many say it is very welcoming to visitors.

14. Capital Park Wesleyan Church

Though small in size, this Salem church makes up for that with a deep sense of community and small-town simplicity that just cannot be replicated anywhere else in Salem. The surrounding area of the church is quaint and filled with trees and grass but is still close enough to the major thoroughfares of the city to be accessible by everyone.

They are actively willing to take in inquiring visitors or those souls looking for guidance – even if they’re of a different denomination. The deep sense of community is also apparent in the services as it seems everyone knows each other. Despite this, the congregation is sure to make you feel like one of them in no time.

15. Salem Evangelical Church

Of all the Salem churches, the Salem Evangelical Church is one of the most prominent and well-known churches in its denomination in Salem. This means that many of the evangelical faith turn to this church for refuge, guidance, and the teaching of the bible. The surrounding community is quintessential Salem and often invites outsiders willingly to partake of the church activities.

The church also offers numerous educational programs for all ages. In a way, the church is also a school on spiritual matters and the teaching of the bible.

Some Reminders

Since the world currently finds itself in the grips of a pandemic, it should be noted that many of the churches listed here have implemented measures to promote safety and follow the city and state guidelines for mass gatherings. That means that many of the service days have been changes, programs have been halted, and the number of visitors has been limited in order to avoid transmission of the Covid-19 Virus.

Before visiting a church, be sure to look up what kind of measures the church has implemented to ensure the safety of visitors and their regular congregation alike. Also, avoid going into areas with a high number of active cases for your own safety. That being said many churches are more than safe to visit so long as you wear the necessary protective gear.

In Conclusion

Salem churches are more than just places for the worship of those who visit them but are case studies for the way of life of the people of Salem as a whole. Visiting a few will greatly let you in on how the people of Salem can hospitable and welcoming to those looking to know their way of life.