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Best Ways to Decorate a Church for a Wedding

church wedding decorations

Can I decorate the church for my wedding?

If you have chosen to get married in a church, either the one near your current home or the church you attended when growing up, you may decide to decorate the church for your big day. Quite often churches have their own set of rules regarding decoration so before you make any firm plans you should consult with the church.

The best way to decorate a church for your wedding is to select a theme and fit all the decorations into that theme, rather than simply adding a random selection of decorations. Consider the overall look of the church.

Consider whether the addition of a lot of garish decorations will enhance the look of the church or be detrimental. A church that is already attractive may be better left with no decorations or perhaps one central decoration.

Outdoor church décor

The first thing that people will see when they arrive for your wedding will be the exterior of the church and the church grounds. It may be a great place to introduce the theme of your wedding.

You can welcome guests, when they are about to enter the church, with a simple easel standing by the door, that displays a plain sign with your names and date. Do not make it over-elaborate, in this situation less is more. A plain white sign with a white easel is very attractive, or you may go with a brown that matches the woodwork of the church.

An interesting idea for positioning just inside the gate to the church is a decorative arch, containing flowers and greenery, which will make an excellent photo prop and can be used to frame the happy couple as they leave the church. Add some floral displays to highlight architectural features on the exterior of the church.

Some churches already have archways at the entrance to the church grounds. Take advantage of this by fixing a floral display to this arch to add a splash of color as people arrive at the ceremony.

A simple but effective exterior decoration are wreaths of “baby’s breath,” which is a plant that symbolizes ever-lasting love. These wreaths may incorporate a plan plaque in the middle with the name of the couple.

Of course, if you are on a budget, it is better to forego the exterior decoration and utilize what funds you have on the church interior.


Some churches have a balcony above the altar, or at the back of the church. A few may even have a balcony outside, and any of these balconies can be utilized to hang garlands. Balconies, especially those above the altar can extend the decorations vertically and are very appealing visually.

How do I decorate my wedding aisle?

The aisle of the church is usually the focus of church decorations. A common way to improve the look of the aisle is to have a plain colored runner stretch the length of the aisle. This adds a degree of elegance to the décor (the church may even own one so do not forget to ask). For a touch of drama, the ushers can unroll the runner just before the bride makes her entrance.

If you plan to have a flower girl distributing real flower petals in front of the bride as she walks the aisle, the church may insist that a runner is used, as flower petals have the potential to stain floors and carpets.

Aisle decorations are an ideal way to add a touch of color to a simple church. A frequent method of decorating the aisle is to place a small bunch of flowers at the end of each pew. Place larger floral decorations either of the aisles at the back of the church and just before it reaches the altar.

An attractive effect can be achieved by lining the aisle with vines attached to the end of each pew. A particularly stunning effect can be created by constructing an archway made of vines at the back of the church

Other decorations that can be placed at the end of each pew would be candles, ribbons, or tree-like features. The aisle is an important area to decorate, so should be one of the priorities when working on a budget.

wedding aisle decorations

Decorative Columns and Lighting

Place several plaster columns along the aisle to create a vertical break to the length of the aisle. On top of the columns, you could place vases with floral displays, or you could link them with ribbon.

Instead of adding physical objects to decorate your church, have you thought about the creative use of mood lights that bathe the architecture of the church in swathes of color. Highlight those extensive rafters by bathing them in colored light, imagine the upper area of the church glowing in purple color, for example.

Alternatively, highlight key areas of the church by spotlighting. Many lighting effects can easily be created and that will be tremendously effective in adding color and light to the church. Lighting can also be a much cheaper solution for those on a budget.

Church Altar Decoration Tips

Most churches are naturally designed so that the altar is the focus of attention, it also serves as a backdrop to the proceedings during the wedding ceremony. A nicely decorated alter can make a huge impact on the way your wedding looks for those seated in the stalls. There are a variety of ways that the alter can be decorated.


A large selection of candles in candelabra, different heights, sizes, and colors can look very effective and cast a nice glow behind the bride and groom. They will look particularly good in any photographs.


A beautiful floral display 0n the alter adds a blaze of color behind the bride and groom when viewed from the pews. For floral displays in the vicinity of the alter, consider using moveable pillars/plinths.

Other ideas

  • · Consider using an arch in the vicinity of the altar, it creates an attractive effect.
  • · Another beautiful effect is to place tree-like vegetation on either side of the altar with white lights hanging from the branches.
  • · Hire two candelabra and place them at each end of the altar with some attractive candles.
  • · Think about leasing two statues or large crosses and placing them on either side of the altar.
  • Maybe add birds like a quaker bird to liven up your color palette as well as add some fun.

Winter Church Decorations

The winter can be quite a romantic time and if you think about decoration for the church in the winter, there are several perfect options to choose from.

Imagine arriving at the church, as a guest (or the bride) and seeing all the trees in the churchyard decorated with while decorative lights, creating a fairyland look. String some market lights around the limbs of the leafless trees.

Scattering dozens of white floating candles around the altar area, with the lights, turned down low will create a romantic look.

Decorate the aisle with sets of candles of various sizes at the end of each row of pews. Alternatively place small branches from trees in vases, with the branches sprayed with frosting, and draped with colored beads.

Think about utilizing pines cones and winter foliage in displays.

A practical decoration that I saw once was to have small knitted plain blankets in a variety of warm colors draped over pews. It adds a beautiful splash of color and where you are using a cold church building is very practical too.

Choose seasonal décor

Every season has its unique qualities, we just looked at winter and how a seasonal look can be used to decorate the church. Other seasons also have a character that can be used for inspiration. Do not forget to consider all four seasons and what is right for each one. Consider the range of warm, browns and oranges captured in autumn leaves. How can you translate that into a theme for your décor? Do not feel bound by tradition. Think about the light, the yellows and greens suggested by springtime. A spring theme can make the church that much lighter and connect your special day to this joyous time of the year. Just take a few moments to visit the church and just sit quietly, taking in the natural features of the church, and imagine how it would relate to the four seasons.

Photography in the church

When thinking about the decoration of the church, it is sensible to think of the implication for any photographs taken in the church.

Taking photographs in a church can sometimes be very problematic. Some churches impose restrictions on what photographs are permitted and where the photographer is permitted to stand. The photos taken in the church can often be the most important, after all the key moments of the whole wedding take place in the church. It is important to know, understand, and plan for making the best of the situation in your church.

Sometimes photographers are only allowed to stand on a balcony to take photos or stand behind the final row of pews, neither of which is the ideal position to get the best shots. Because of this, it is wise to find out at an early stage what the policy of your chosen church is on photography. You can then plan your decorations with this is in mind.

Good wedding photographers will work as best they can within these constraints, and produce the best shots that are possible. One popular shot is where the couple is facing one another and so when planning decorations for the church, take this into account, and if this shot is possible with the church restrictions, consider what will be in the background. Place attractive decorations behind to enhance the shot. Other popular shots are looking at the faces of the bride and groom while they face the priest. These will only be possible if the photographer has access to behind the priest and slightly to the side. Once again, if that shot is going to be possible, consider what will be in the background. All of this should be considered when you are planning the church decorations.

wedding decorations for a church

Remember the rules

Before you start to plan your wedding decorations for the church, you should meet with the church and find out what rules they may or may not have regarding decorating the church, and when this can be done. Most churches will have some sort of guidelines on what can or cannot be done that you can check. By adhering to these rules, not only are you avoiding any last-minute hitches, but you are also showing respect for the church. If you have no respect for the church then why are you getting married in a church?

Typical rules

· Restrictions on the use of candles and naked flames

· Floral Guidelines, real and artificial

· Rules for how you attach decorations to pews, the altar, and balconies/walls.

· Restrictions on confetti and flower petals

· Rules regarding cleaning up and removal of decorations, including timescales.

Finally: Do you really NEED to decorate the church?

We have spent a lot of time talking about decorating the church, thinking of exotic ways to do this, and worrying about breaking and rules the church may have. Perhaps there is a case for not decorating the church, or for just adding a couple of vases of flowers at the front. Perhaps all the wonderful ideas are not necessary.

Why did you choose that particular church? Was it because you were awed by that magnificent historic architecture? Is it the classic grandeur that attracted you? Have you thought that the venue might not look a lot better in its authentic look?

You may not need to spend a lot of money decorating the church and changing its ambiance when just a few flowers are all that is required. Imagine a high roofed classical church with stone walls and wonderful wooden ceilings with just a couple of colored uplights strategically placed.

In short, before you go overboard decorating a church, really look at the church and decide if a more natural look might not be more appropriate.

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Biggest Churches in the United States


Megachurches have become one of the most powerful influences in mainstream media. With thousands of followers and millions viewing on television, the megachurch has become a powerhouse of its own. The biggest US Churches are teaching people about how to daily live. Many offer online programming and podcasts for their members to follow during the week. And many of their pastors are best selling authors on how to live a purposeful and fulfilling life. But what are the biggest US churches? And what part of the country will you find them? These are some of the numbers from with regards to average weekly attendance that show you the biggest US Churches in the world.


Lakewood Church – Houston, TX

Average Attendance – 43,500

Started back in 1959 by Joel Osteen, Sr, Lakewood Church has become a megachurch powerhouse. It began with only a few members and a vision by the senior Osteen. Today the megachurch is led by Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria. Joel is seen as the positive preacher with the positive message. With little to no theological training, Joel Osteen worked his way up in the church alongside his father. When his father called him to preach just before his death, Joel was unsure. He did not feel that he was capable to build the church and keep the members like his father wanted. He has stated that he now teaches in a way that is comfortable for him and God has done the rest. The church meets in what was the former Houston Rockets soccer arena and has missions around the world. Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria preach prosperity teaching and he has several New York Times best seller books that guide people about living a good life. It is the largest of the US Churches in the world.


Northpoint Church – Alpharetta, GA

Average Attendance – 30,629

Northpoint Church is based in the more affluent Alpharetta area. Built in 1996, the pastor is the well known Andy Stanley. His name should ring bells as his father is the legendary Dr. Charles Stanley. While Andy worked alongside his father, he grew in theology. Working with his father gave him the foundation, tools and resources to begin on his own. It is said that after a falling out between the two, that Andy Stanley set out on his own. He has stated that he wants to focus on leadership development and not just expansion. Andy Stanley’s style of teaching is very contemporary and relates to what is going on and relevant in today’s society. The church is seen as one of the fastest growing US Churches in the state of Georgia.


Life Church – Edmond, OK

Average Attendance – 30,000

Founded in 1996 by Craig Groeschel, the church’s core Christian beliefs are based from the Evangelical Covenant Church. The church also has powerful internet presence where their complimentary Bible application has been downloaded more than 200 million times. In 2001 Metro Church merged with Life Church making it a multi site facility. The Metro Church is a non-denominational church which was a great fit for Life Church. While Oklahoma is one of the campuses, as of October 2020, the church boasts 36 churches at various locations across the nation, with most of them being in the Midwest. It is the largest of the US Churches in the state of Oklahoma.


Gateway Church Southlake, TX

Gateway Church – Southlake, TX

Average Attendance – 28,000

Gateway Church is a very prosperous church and a huge enterprise. In the past, it reported earnings in excess of over 218 million dollars. Founded in 2000 by Pastor Morris, the church is bible based and spirit empowered with programming around the world. Pastor Robert started life involved with drinking and slowly gave his life to the Lord. His progressive teachings can be found by followers and those who are looking for a church to call home. Pastor Morris works with his wife and they both do television programming to spread the good news. He has cleaned up his life and it is because he stated that Jesus came into his life/ His wife has stated that Pastor Morris is a good, open hearted man who has given away cars to some of his members. It is in the spirit of giving that Pastor Robert Morris says he will run his church. And though his church had been on good merit financially, most recently it has had to layoff staff because of the pandemic crisis. They have recently come to a place where they meet in multiple locations as one church, while experiencing more than 100,000 people total on weekends.  I’ve personally visited Gateway church and walked away impressed.  If you are a car guy like me, you will notice a lot of trucks with banks performance parts installed, so I know they have like-minded membership.


Willow Creek Church – Barrington, IL

Average Attendance – 25,000

Founded on October 12, 1975 by Dave Holmbo and Bill Hybels , Willow Creek Community Church is a non-denominational, evangelical church located on the northwestern side of Chicago. They have seven locations around the Chicago area with their Spanish speaking congregation meeting in the Barrington area. In 2018, the church’s entire elder board and senior pastors resigned amid allegations of mishandling an abuse case within the church. Steven Gillen, the North Shore campus pastor was named head pastor during this time. In January 2020, Pastor Gillen announced that he would be stepping down and the search for pastors would continue. Willow Creek Church began in the Willow Creek Theatre and uses relevant biblical teachings. music and drama in guiding their members and guests.

Fellowship Church Grapevine, TX

Fellowship Church – Grapevine, TX

Average Attendance – 24,200

Fellowship Church is associated with the Southern Baptist Convention, which is one of the largest in the nation. Their goal is often to bring a larger audience through unorthodox teachings. The creator of the movement Pastor Ed Young, has started a controversial debate about gender with his book “Sexperiment”. Pastor Young has a simplistic style of preaching his message which seems to be more relatable to his viewership. Since 1990, the church has grown from just 30 families to campuses in Miami, Dallas/Fort Worth and Norman, Oklahoma. Over the past 10 years, the church has been ranked as one of the most consistently growing churches in North America. Pastor Ed Young has also authored several books revolving around parenting, marriage and Christian living. This is another great one of the US Churches in the Texas area.


Christ’s Church Valley – Peoria, AZ

Average Attendance – 23,300

Christ’s Church Valley was founded in 1982 by Pastor Don Wilson in his living room. He kept the church going by renting a film theater for his parishioners. The church was finally able to find permanent residency in 1996. But it came with a price of having to raise 1 million dollars in one day to purchase the land. The church is the largest non-denominational church in Arizona, playing host church to several other locations in the area.

In 2004, the church moved into their church building of 4500 seats. And in 2006, an attached CVV building was built for their children and youth ministry.

New Spring Church Anderson, SC

New Spring Church – Anderson, SC

Average Attendance – 23,000

Deemed the largest church in South Carolina, New Spring has 15 campuses in the area. It is a part of the Southern Baptist Convention which is one of the largest in the country. The church offers what is called the Fuse ministry which helps families in understanding their dynamics within the home. These are often done online every Wednesday. You may watch with a Fuse Group or with your family. New Spring is a church that is working with what is required by the Centers for Disease Control. They ask their guests and members to wear a mask, to social distance and wash their hands. They also ask that they stay in limited, familial groups to minimize the spread of the Coronavirus. This is one of the US Churches that is housed within the bible belt of the south.


Elevation Church – Matthews, NC

Average Attendance – 22, 200

It is one of the most well known and familiar churches in the world. With Pastor Steven Furtick, the name Elevation does not begin to speak to what this church has done. The church has gone global with online and television programming around the world. Pastor Furtick is young and brings people of all ages including youth to the pulpit. He is a progressive preacher who speaks in simple terms for his guests and members to relate. The church was created in 2006, when Steven Furtick was in his mid-twenties. Since that time he has made coming to church cool for a lot of young people. The church has a dynamic youth ministry and has undergone huge growth in Charlotte, North Carolina all the way to Toronto, Canada. Steven Furtick also brings millions into his sermons with his E- family podcasts. Elevation is seen as one of the most youthful US Churches.


Church of Highlands – Birmingham, AL

Average Attendance – 22,100

Founded on February 4, 2001, by Chris Hodges, the church is considered the largest and greatest church in Alabama. Hodges has used nearby Highlands College for ministry training. The church started with 34 people until 2007 when it opened a main building that offered 2400 seat capacity. The church is associated with the Association of Related Churches, a membership not quite as large as the Southern Baptist Convention. The Church of Highlands is non-denominational and offers multi-site training and teaching. This is another one of the US Churches housed in the bible belt.


Saddleback Church – Lake Forest, CA

Average Attendance – 22,000

Saddleback Church started with its members and guests worshipping under a tent. They were not able to get a building permit until the 1990’s. The building went up while the church grew to over 10,000 attendees per week. They are non-denominational and have expanded worldwide throughout southern California, Manila, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires and Berlin. They are associated with the Southern Baptist Convention which is one of the largest in the world. Saddleback Church is one of those US Churches that offers the community the real deal. The senior pastor of Saddleback is Rick Warren. He and his wife Kay founded the church when he was just 26 years old. He is now just known as Pastor Rick. He has written several best sellers, including, “The Purpose Driven Life.” The book was on the New York Times Best selling list for over 90 weeks and sold over 32 million copies within the first 10 years of its creation.


Southeast Christian Church – Louisville, KY

Average Attendance – 21,700

Founded in 1962, the church is the largest in Kentucky. Starting with just over 50 members, the church has 14 other sites. The church offers Se!KidsOnline for your children to worship, read bible lessons and sing from a video. It is entertaining and gives kids something to do while the adults have their time. The Southeast Christian Church has many ministries to choose from that include; deaf and disabilities, foster care, seniors, single, middle school, high school, college age, men, women, family, children and community engagement. The church offers live streaming for your benefit.


Central Christian Church – Henderson, NV

Average Attendance – 21,055

The Central Christian Church is all about bringing in those that may be lost about spirituality. It seeks those who are not normal church goers but are seeking to be better. The church seeks to show those who may not go to church, how different a spiritual framework can be. Pastor Jud Wilhite is the senior pastor and also a best selling author. His approach to teaching the world of Chris is simplistic and in a conversational tone. The church wants to introduce people to Jesus and show them what he can do in changing their life for the better. They have live and on demand sermons that allow them to reach the world. It is one of the better US Churches that seeks to work within the community and streets rather in the four walls of church.


Dream City Church – Phoenix, AZ

Average Attendance – 21,000

Founded in 1923 by John Eiting, Dream City Church is made up of the large community within Phoenix. In 1979 Tommy Barnett became the Senior Pastor with Luke Barnett taking over as Senior Pastor in 2011. The church became a multi-site church in 2015 with the opening of the Scottsdale site. In 1994, the church founded the Dream Center which works in the community to do away with hunger and other ills of society. They have a food bank, assistance programs, a clothing bank, and other programs for combating domestic violence, human trafficking and drug addiction.

These are the biggest US Churches. They each have the love of spirituality and Jesus Christ in common. They each owe a debit to the community. They are on television, online programming and podcasts with special programs for children, youth, men, women, families and the community at large. As you can see, many of these US Churches are in the states of Texas and Florida. Many of their Senior Pastors are well known best selling authors, conference speakers and spiritual giants who teach from the pulpit but reach millions daily. This is what these U S Churches represent to an individuals, families and the world.

Church Marketing News

Why a Miami Church Would Need SEO

seo services


If you wonder why a Miami church would need SEO, it is part of the cultural and religious question about Miami SEO spread across the online world. In modern times, we are prone to think that a church shouldn’t have to be promoted. It is a kind of a religious temple that people will find anyway. However, we need a Miami SEO structure that will serve as a basis for promoting different activities and events as part of the church organization.

How to Position Miami SEO as Part of the Church Organization?

Inside the Miami SEO keyword, we find many variations that are present today in the world where people are looking for answers. These answers can come in many forms, and one of the ways is looking for an online solution to the problem.

If you ask: “How Miami SEO can improve the people’s perspective about the church?”, we have a resolution.

It is all about the users’ experience with the website and its core structure. If people are searching for a standard term related to a church or specific learning, we can question Miami SEO in the first place.

Looking for answers about essential questions doesn’t end here. People will search for a nearby church or a philosophy they can practice near their homes. If you give them options online, people will naturally follow the ambition to see and experience what the church offers.

In the first place, it is a religious uplifting that Miami residents can explore on their own. As the second point, we see the nearby locations that could guide finding the right church in Miami.

When all these aspects combine, we understand the importance of Miami SEO in today’s web-space world.

Miami seo company

How We Can Understand the Relation Between the Church and Miami SEO

The relation between the church and Miami SEO is tightly related to search engine optimization’s overall contribution. People don’t only search for Miami SEO words that consist of a “church” term. They also select the conditions connected to religion, beliefs, human psychology, and all other terms that combine.

Miami SEO will define the terms that are the most relevant in the industry. A church and religious beliefs are only one side of the coin. The other one is looking for SEO-based content that will attract visitors to the relevant page.

In this light, we can see how Miami SEO has a lot of space for moving around in the internet world. We can also understand that Miami SEO’s contribution to the overall religious acts and teachings can improve our society.

If we believe that good SEO content is what people are searching for when looking for answers related to a church, then we can say that working and developing the right SEO strategies can hugely benefit all of us.

What if Miami SEO Is Not Enough?

You probably wonder what happens when SEO for Miami or some other area is not sufficient enough. We can emphasize the importance of Miami SEO content based on location, people’s interests, and local habits when it comes to practicing religious habits.

Serving the community is the most relevant point where we can discuss Miami SEO values in one industry.

Sometimes, it is easier to combine most of the SEO or PPC aspects that come to a place when we talk about the exact church. Some religious beliefs are more conservative, while others are more open. In these terms, we have to believe that Miami SEO has to serve the right purpose.

When we consider additional aspects of SEO strategies, we conclude why a Miami church would need SEO. Here are the main reasons:

  • A Miami church is a religious place with the exact location
  • Any Miami church has to have open hours
  • Most of the churches are closed on the specific days
  • Some of the Miami churches offer charity work, humanitarian activities, extra job offers, and similar

The mentioned points are all the reasons why a Miami church would need SEO-based content. On a web page, you can promote the church activities the right way. Simultaneously, you can create a web place where religious activists can develop their ideas and vision about theological points. In the online world and real-life situations, it is essential to stay relevant and non-biased in these promotions.

You can mention the working hours, the side activities, and all other direction points that will serve as guidance for future visitors. When people know what to expect and where to find the exact church, they will be more open to exploring different religious practices.

In terms of SEO reliability, it is essential to include the relevant SEO details, like tags, codes, and sequences for navigation. SEO and content management could make any Miami church visible online.

Miami SEO Services

What to Expect from SEO Miami and Church SEO?

If you can combine these two points, you will be on the right path to success. Miami SEO and church SEO are an ideal meeting ground for a more developed contribution to Miami’s online world. The suggestions around the questions about SEO and Miami churches will be answered in the following years when we expect to see a much larger picture of ethical SEO practices regarding religious interests.

It is now possible to define the most relevant points of optimization of websites where we have a more structured base online. We only need relevant content that will attract people’s attention. It is possible to create the content that will serve as guidance to religious questions with the professionals’ help.

When you want to know if a Florida church would need SEO, it is enough to know that Miami has more than 470,00 people with such a diverse background and enormous versatility in religious practices that cannot be found anywhere else. All these people could be searching online for an important thing about their church. At the moment, SEO Miami should have been organized better in terms of content since Miami’s population deserves to have a practical Miami SEO guidance through the internet world.